Helping to educate children in developing countries…

More than 100 million children worldwide do not have the opportunity to attend school. SCW Canada believes that no child should be denied the right to attend school and receive a meaningful education. Education is the single most powerful weapon in the fight against poverty. SCW empowers children in developing countries through the provision of new school facilities, educational opportunities and a safe, healthy and secure learning environment. SCW Canada is located near rancho canada elementary school and is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of poor communities, one school at a time.

Using Everfi Answers to Educate Children

One of the best tools children can have access to today is online education software like Everfi. This tool helps students learn to manage their finances from a very young age. They can also use the tool to learn about credit, taxes, and the digital economy. When students use the website they will have to answer many module questions. They can find websites online to help them answers everfi quizzes and tests. For example everfi module 2 answers that show step by step how to solve problems today. Everfi is an innovative tech company that can change the way students learn. From teaching them banking, savings, and other money making strategies. I know i wish I had had the chance to use it when i was in school.

Using Newsela to learn how to read

Another great tool for students is Newsela answers on sites like answersela.net. This a way for students to get answers to articles in a smooth and predictable fashion, a hand-holder per say. It saves teachers time and it takes stress off of kids. Students can use the site to find answers for newsela articles and quizzes, many of which are very educational and fun. Again these resources are great for middle school and high school age students.



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…..a tremendous success!


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