December, 2013
Golf Tournament – Our Main Fundraising Event:

Our 5th Annual Golf Tournament was another great success! On Thursday September 12, 2013 the tournament was held again on the grounds of the Nobleton Lakes Golf Club. With the rain holding off, the day turned out to be a great day for golf! SCW.CA extends a very special thanks to all the golfers, sponsors and volunteers.

Students in Honduras dancing at school dedication ceremony – September, 2013

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June 22nd, 2013
Patrons Awards 2013

On June 13 Schools for the Children of the World Canada celebrated and recognized the support of generous business people and volunteers over the years. Click HERE for more.


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December 27th, 2012
Newsletter 2012

Golf Tournament:

On September 11, 2012, SCW.Canada held their 4th annual golf tournament at Nobleton Lakes Golf Club in Nobleton. The tournament was an outstanding success! The weather couldn’t have been better; radiant sunshine with a cool breeze – a perfect day for golf. A special thanks to all the golfers, sponsors and volunteers.
The day started with a delicious lunch – BBQ, salads and beverages. After golf, all arrived back at the clubhouse for a delightful dinner. SCW.CA volunteers had a large raffle table ready, loaded with gifts from our generous donors.
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September 11th, 201

A Heartfelt Thank you to all of you for a Successful 4th Annual Golf Tournament.

On September 11, 2012, School for the Children of the World celebrated the 4th annual golf tournament at the facilities of Nobleton Lakes Golf Club in Nobleton. It was a great success! The day couldn’t have been better; it was radiant with a nice cool breeze, the perfect day for golf. The energetic volunteers started to work early in the morning to make sure everyone had a good time. Thank you all for your volunteering time. Your contribution is very much appreciated. Special thanks to Pat van der Wolfand Cathy Papais for their continuous help from early in the year.

Everybody was in excellent spirits. We started the day with a delicious BBQ, salads and beverages, before the tee off. After a fun afternoon, we arrived at the hall for a delightful dinner. Our volunteers had a large table ready, with fabulous gifts from our generous donors, which we were able to raffle and sent home many lucky winners.

During dinner, our outstanding Golf Committee Chair, Robert Antonel, presented a large cheque to the SCW Canada President, Norman Grey Noble, in the amount of $95,000.00. Fantastic! Our hearts were full of joy because we know exactly where and how this money will be spent. Remember that, at SCW, from every donated dollar, 90% is going straight to the projects. This amount is matched by the communities receiving these projects and their municipalities. Norm received the cheque with great enthusiasm. In order to reassure the supporters of the SCW’s accountability, he went on to explain how this money will be spent and presented detailed information regarding the completed, current, and future projects.

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In addition, the former President of SCW, Dylan Marando, and Director, Liam Mcguinty, talked about the importance of creating partnerships with our local schools. Dylan and Liam have been working together, visiting the local schools and creating awareness of the importance for Canadian students to help students in developing countries to obtain an education.

The following is information on our schools’ participation and a compelling letter from Rosha Razavi Rezvani, a 5th grade student. Please click here to view:

SCWCanada would like to take this opportunity to thank the vital and generous supporters, without whom this wouldn’t be possible:
Robert Antonel, the Golf Committee Chair; the Golf Committee; the outstanding volunteers; and the SCW members, for a fun, successful and enjoyable event. We encourage you to follow up with our projects and continue your participation, to help us provide the tools of education and together develop a better world for our future generations.

Special thanks to the Nobleton Lakes Golf Club for their excellent facilities and delicious meal; Brianne Thom, host of local Rogers television program, “Community Connection,” in Richmond Hill; Andrew McDough, the camera man; Elaine Yi Spencer and Jeff Moore, hosts of Daytime Television, at Rogers, in Richmond Hill.

Thank you all for your support! We are looking forward to seeing you next year!

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